This Case Turns the Back of Your iPhone Into an Electronic Display


Have you ever looked at the back of your smartphone and wished all of that wasted space could be used for more screen real estate? A company called popSLATE attempted to make that dream a reality a few years ago with the first version of its electronic ink phone cases. According to WIRED, the team at popSLATE is back with a new-and-improved successor to the innovative design, and they are once again relying on crowdsourcing to bring it to the world. 

popSLATE2 uses an electronic ink display similar to those found in E-readers. The screen is just as big as those on your iPhone 6, 6+, 6S, or 6S+, and it will deliver alerts, the time, and other information so that you don't have to flip your device over or unlock it while you work. In his overview of the product based on the information provided, Brian Barrett of WIRED praised popSLATE for advertised improvements to the less-than-perfect original case. Barrett said that issues with the first popSLATE made it "difficult to justify as an everyday case. It charged with a different cable than the iPhone 6 it was designed to fit, and at launch only displayed still images pushed from an app on the front of the phone." With the direct changes made in those regards, as well as other features outlined on IndieGoGo (customizable dashboards, auto updating newsfeeds, real-time smart alerts, etc.), Barrett says that the popSLATE2 qualifies as "an evolution, not merely refinement."

With three weeks still left on the clock, popSLATE2 has raised more than $540,000 on IndieGoGo, more than five times its initial goal. There is still time to pledge to the campaign to score your device, which has an estimated delivery date of July. Check out the introduction film above and head to IndieGoGo to get in on the action.

[h/t WIRED