New App Encourages You to Eat Lunch Out, Not at Your Desk

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If you’re like most office workers, you probably spend your lunch break eating at your desk. A new app called Allset wants to change your lunchtime routine—and you’ll barely have to lift a finger. The all-in-one app will take care of every step needed in order to let you enjoy a restaurant meal, from reserving a table to ordering your food to paying the bill and tipping generously. It also ensures that your food will be served within minutes of you sitting down, making getting back to the office within an hour a snap.

Here’s how it works: Once you fire up Allset on your smartphone, you can search for a nearby restaurant, select a time and party size for the reservation, then choose your drinks and entrees from a menu with complete food descriptions and the occasional food porn photo (shot by Allset). The app will even coordinate reservations and orders with any other people in your party, using your phone’s contact list. When everything is scheduled, simply go to the restaurant, where your meal will be served within five minutes of sitting down. Once you’re “all set,” the app will also pay the bill—plus tip—using your saved credit card information.

"Our mission is to bring people from offices to restaurants, to get all the benefits of a restaurant experience and have a proper lunch break," Allset founder Stas Matviyenko told Eater. “Our aim is to help you enjoy the restaurant experience, but in a shorter time … We believe that our solution will help a lot of employees spend their lunch time happier and not at their desk."

Currently, Allset works with 140 restaurants in San Francisco and New York City, but plans to branch out to Chicago and Los Angeles later this year. It also plans to add a breakfast option. The app is available on Android or iOS devices.

[h/t Eater]