This Device Promises to Help You Break Your Bad Posture Habit

Prana / Prana

Proper posture may not be a top priority in your life, but sitting up a little straighter can make a world of difference. In addition to relieving neck and back pain caused by nerve constriction and reducing your risk of spinal curvature, practicing better posture can also give you a confidence boost. If you've struggled to break your slouching habit in the past, you might benefit from using Prana, a device designed to help you maintain good form.

Prana is a monitor that clips on your waistband and tracks your posture and breathing throughout the day. If it senses that your breathing is strained or your posture could use improvement, Prana uses Bluetooth to send a notification to the app on your smartphone. After a long day spent sitting in the office, Prana users can then unwind with the app's breathing exercises and games, which have players navigate a Zen garden by controlling their inhalations and exhalations.

Of course, there are plenty of low-tech options for people looking to improve their breathing and posture as well. Exercises that promote balance and alignment can teach better sitting habits, and specific practices of yoga are centered around controlling the breath. But if you still feel like you could benefit from that extra push, Prana devices can be reserved on Indiegogo with a pledge of $99 or more.