Watch a Professional Chef Cook With Astronaut Food


Space exploration may be the ultimate adventure, but it’s not exactly an exciting culinary experience. When astronauts are in space, they subsist on freeze-dried and thermo-stabilized products, eaten out of tiny pouches. But who says you can’t make an appetizing gourmet meal out of astronaut food?

In the WIRED video above, professional chef Chris Shepherd of Houston’s Underbelly restaurant puts his own gourmet spin on the packaged snacks at NASA’s Space Food Lab. Using only space food, Shepherd creates a meal that, if not Michelin Star quality, at least looks reasonably appealing. He even picks out the perfect wine pairing for his out-of-this-world concoction. Watch the video to see Shepherd’s creative take on NASA’s freeze-dried cuisines.

Banner Image Credit: WIRED, YouTube