This Hybrid Seating Is One Part Hammock, One Part Rocking Chair

Zoloka/Behance / Zoloka/Behance

If you’ve ever dreamed of an outdoor seating option that combines the best elements of both a hammock and a rocking chair, you're in luck. Harshita Murudkar, Shivani Gulati, and Mehak Philip—design students at Maeer’s MIT Institute of Design in Pune, India—have created the Zoloka, a hammock-rocking chair hybrid that’s designed for both outdoor and indoor use, Laughing Squid reports.

As part of a school assignment, the trio designed and built the chair in just two weeks. “As a part of our Open Electives course on weaving, we had the freedom to create anything that involved weaving,” Murudkar told mental_floss in an email. “Initially we started with the idea of a swing but eventually moved on to conceptualising with combinations such as a hammock and a rocking chair (both swing and sway)."

To bring that concept to life, they first constructed a metal frame that could rock back and forth like a rocking chair, using existing surplus materials from their college workshop. Then, they attached cotton fabric to that frame through three different styles of weaving. The end result is a piece of furniture that’s both portable and sturdy (it can support about 176 pounds)—and large enough to hold a person, hammock-style.

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for your chance at what the founders call "relaxiture." There is no word on if or when the Zoloka will hit stores.

[h/t Liquid Squid]