Dog Lost at Sea for More Than a Month Reunites With Owner


Stories like 1993's Homeward Bound really do happen in real life. A dog who disappeared from a fishing boat off the California coast in February was discovered on a nearby island earlier this week. On Thursday, the pooch—a German shepherd-husky mix named Luna—was reunited with her overjoyed master, the Associated Press reports.

In February, Luna fell overboard while her owner, commercial fisherman Nick Haworth, was fishing off the coast of San Clemente Island. Haworth spent two days searching the area for his pet. Since San Clemente Island is owned and operated by the U.S. Navy, Haworth also received help from navy personnel, who spent a week canvassing San Clemente Island by air and land. Still, there was still no sign of the dog, whose black-and-tan coat might have helped her blend in with her surroundings.

"One moment Luna was there, and the next, she was gone,” Haworth told the Navy personnel at the time, according to The Los Angeles Times.

A devastated Haworth concluded that Luna was dead. However, the scrappy dog had actually swum two miles to the island, where she likely survived by eating small rodents and fish that washed ashore, the AP reports. On Tuesday, navy employees discovered Luna—who had been missing for about five weeks—sitting beside a road on the island. Since domestic animals aren’t allowed on the island for environmental reasons, the canine immediately caught their attention. The crew called her over, and Luna jumped into their car.

A biologist examined Luna, and found her to be skinny but healthy. She then called Haworth, who was “so happy and grateful and thrilled” to hear his dog was alive, Sandy DeMunnik, spokeswoman for Naval Base Coronado told the AP.

Since Haworth was on an out-of-state trip, Luna was sent to a mainland navy base and given to Haworth's best friend for safekeeping. Last night, Haworth returned home and was finally reunited with his beloved pet.

Watch a video of Luna's homecoming above, courtesy of CBS News.

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