18 Strange Food Flavored Lip Balms

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It’s easy to go to the store and pick up some cherry-flavored lip balm, but if you're looking to spice things up, try out these unconventional—but still delicious—lip balms.

1. PICKLE; $5 

It probably goes against logic that pickle-flavored lip balm exists (after all, the salt from pickles is probably what chapped your lips in the first place), but here it is, in all its vinegar-y splendor. It’s made with mineral oil and beeswax to keep your lips smooth while you’re snacking on more pickles.

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2. FRENCH FRY; $3 

Here’s another salty lip balm option for people who can’t get enough sodium. The French fry flavor is perfect for those unfortunate moments when you’re not eating anything.

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3. BACON; $3 

Everyone knows at least one person who has an unhealthy obsession with bacon. Pick up some bacon-flavored lip balm for that person, and while you’re at it, throw them some bacon band-aids and bacon toothpaste as well. 

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4. CUPCAKE; $6

It would be impractical—not to mention messy—to carry a cupcake around in your pocket, but this lip balm is the next best thing. Technically, it's frosting-flavored, but who wants to eat the cupcake part, anyway?

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If you prefer a brand name frosting, check out Betty Crocker's branded frosting lip balms. Besides strawberry, they also have chocolate and angel food

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Chapstick does not mess around with their flavors. This unusual tube comes with a flavor on each side. Apply both, and you can imitate the flavor of a caramel apple without the mess caused by actually eating one.

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7. EARL GREY; $6 

Tea lovers can enjoy this delightful Earl Grey-flavored lip balm. Cold pressed oil from Italian Bergamot oranges is used to replicate the distinct smell, and each tube is made with vegan and organic ingredients.

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8. COFFEE; $8 

If tea doesn't do it for you, try this coffee-flavored lip balm. It’s made with natural flavors, essential oils, and vitamin E.

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This Froot Loops-flavored lip balm is a must-have for cereal lovers everywhere. The packaging of this officially licensed lip balm looks like '70s-era retro cereal boxes and features the iconic mascot Toucan Sam.

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For more vintage cereal fun, also see this Frosted Flakes lip balm.

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Honor this classic combo with these perplexing lip balms. Give one to a friend, or layer them both on your lips for the ultimate savory experience.

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12. SRIRACHA; $8 

Nowadays, you can get almost anything Sriracha flavored, and that includes lip balm. It’s unclear if it will cause the same stinging sensation that you get when wolfing down half a bottle of the stuff, though.

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You can purchase lip balm that captures the flavors of this Southern breakfast food chain, but only on eBay

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Teenagers on skateboards will probably go crazy for these 'Dew flavored lip balms. They come in all the classic flavors like Code Red, Voltage Charged, and LiveWire. As the kids say, it’s “lit.”

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This cheesy lip balm would go perfectly with the French fries flavor. The inventive product is made with ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, sweet almond butter, and of course, cheese oil.

16. COCKTAILS; $6 

Make every day feel like a night out with one of these cocktail-flavored lip balms. The clever little products come into miniature shakers with removable tops. Some of the flavors include pina colada, margarita, and apple martini (easy on the ‘tini).

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17. PIZZA; $4 

This non-greasy pizza lip balm smells just like a piping hot slice of ‘za. There’s no sugar in it, but you still might be tempted to lick your lips.

18. CORN DOG; $4 

Conjure up memories of the county fair with lip balm that smells like the classic carnival snack.

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