An English Zoo Is Opening a National Poo Museum

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England will soon have a museum devoted entirely to everyone’s favorite topic: poop. A zoo on the Isle of Wight (located in the English Channel) is opening a new institution around the smelly, hilarious, and scientific world of excrement from both humans and animals, Hello Giggles reports.

The Isle of Wight Zoo will open the National Poo Museum on March 25, according to the Isle of Wight County Press. The exhibits will feature poopy specimens from lions, foxes, babies, and more, including fossilized feces from 38 million years ago. And yes, there will be freeze-dried poop hanging from the ceiling, because what kind of poop museum wouldn’t have that kind of decor?

While we all love a good poop joke, feces are worthy of serious study. Poop can be a dangerous substance: Thousands of children die every year from diarrheal diseases due to a lack of toilets, which forces people to poop out in the open, contaminating water supplies with sewage. Yet it’s also a potential resource. Some experts think feces could be a huge source of energy for the world. Healthy poop can help restore the balance of microbes in the gut, and might one day even be an obesity treatment. Whether we like it or not, poop is everywhere.

Just a few months ago, the world’s largest fossilized poop collection opened in Florida, and Japan just got its own toilet museum. All in all, it’s a great time to be an amateur poop-ologist.

[h/t Hello Giggles]