How to Get Netflix to Stop Asking If You're 'Still Watching'

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We've all been there: You're camped out on the couch with your laptop, a cornucopia of snacks, and a silenced smartphone. You get several episodes into a full-season Netflix binge session and then ... a message pops up to ask if you're still watching. It takes five seconds to click yes, but that's five seconds you can't get back! To banish this pesky question for good, The Next Web has shared an easy fix: the Flix Assist Google Chrome extension.

While Netflix data can often pinpoint when viewers go from browsing to binging, there is currently no setting that allows users to share that viewing preference with the site—and to eliminate the minor annoyance of that pop-up message. According to reviews, the Chrome extension removes that message as well as the timer that counts down to the next episode in a series.

"No longer will I feel self conscious after binge watching away my day," reviewer Michael Lindsay wrote.

Another helpful extension, Super Browse for Netflix, gives users dropdown menu access to the hidden categories on the streaming site. Both extensions are free of charge and can be removed if you don't like them, so what do you have to lose?

[h/t The Next Web]