Dog Poop DNA Testing May Be Coming to a City Near You

istock / istock

Apartment complexes in cities around the United States are taking some pretty extreme measures when it comes to cracking down on unscooped dog poop. In order to figure out which dog owners aren’t picking up after their pets, building owners are hiring DNA testing companies to identify canine culprits and their human accomplices.  

Most recently, the Luxe, a pet-friendly 102-unit complex in Chicago, announced they’d created a doggy DNA database in order to figure out which residents weren’t cleaning up after their dogs. The Chicago Tribune reports that residents submitted DNA cheek swab samples from their dogs earlier this year. Now, when feces are found around the Luxe, employees can simply send them in for a DNA test, and find out which of the building’s canine residents they belong to. Residents of the Luxe who don't pick up their dog's poop will be fined—and face possible eviction.

The Luxe is working with Knoxville-based PooPrints, part of the BioPet Vet Lab, which tests dog poop for properties throughout the United States and Canada. Though the company has only been around for five years, BioPet sales manager Ernie Jones claims they’ve already worked with more than 2000 properties in 48 states—which means, if your building’s not already working on its canine DNA database, it may be soon.

Residents of the Luxe have been supportive of the DNA testing program. "You shouldn't have a dog if you don't intend to pick up after it,” one resident told the Chicago Tribune. "I don't want to step in poop."

[h/t Chicago Tribune]