Watch Tom Hiddleston Anchor the Weather in Chicago


Surprisingly, this is not an April Fool's Day prank! While promoting his newest film, I Saw the Light—about the life of American country-western singer Hank Williams—Tom Hiddleston delivered Thursday night's weather report on Chicago’s Fox 32.

The actor channeled his Loki character from The Avengers to report on a storm front and tornado making its way from Oklahoma to Illinois. Perhaps unsurprisingly for the God of Mischief, he blamed the unfortunate weather pattern on his brother, Thor.

“My brother from another mother’s been misbehaving,” Hiddleston told viewers. “The God of Thunder has brought his skill set to bear on the local weather … So there’s this huge storm front coming in, and all that means is that Chris Hemsworth has taken his hammer and has smashed it on the surface of the sky, and it’s going to rain a hell of a lot. So, good luck with that ...”

It’s not the first time Hiddleston has stepped out of the typical Q&A format while promoting the new biopic. Earlier this week, he and Stephen Colbert made sweet music together with a tribute to the late, great Williams (which you can see here).

[h/t Collider]

Images courtesy Jake Hamilton/YouTube.