Watch the 100 Greatest Pre-Kill One-Liners in Film History


If you came here to chew bubble gum and watch videos, and you’re all out of bubble gum, we’ve got the perfect video for you. Burger Fiction has compiled a supercut of 100 of the greatest one-liners in movie history. Focusing on the moment just before a character goes in for the kill, the video proves that some of the most memorable lines from popular movies also happen to be the most deadly.

The video runs the gamut of pre-kill one-liners from the over-the-top and absurd to the genuinely frightening. While most of the clips are from crime and action classics like Scarface (1983), The Terminator (1984), and Pulp Fiction (1994), others come from unexpected sources. But while the inclusion of clips from kids movies like 1994’s The Lion King (“Long live the king”) and 1995’s Casper (“And you have a flight to catch”) may be surprising, they end up feeling right at home. Full of deadly puns and double entendres, the video provides a crash course in crafting the perfect one-liner. Check it out above, but before you do, a word of warning: The 13-minute parade of death isn't censored, and features more than a few instances of foul language. (Yippee-ki-yay, mental_floss-ers.) 

[h/t Gizmodo]

Banner Image Credit: Burger Fiction, YouTube