Watch 10 Seasons of The Joy of Painting on YouTube—for Free


We all need happy little trees in our lives sometimes—and Bob Ross’s official YouTube channel has got them! The first 10 seasons of Ross’s beloved series, The Joy of Painting, are now available to stream for free. That’s nearly 150 episodes of the iconic artist calmly painting happy little landscapes and teaching us all about “wet-on-wet” oil painting techniques and how to take care of our painting supplies and canvases.

First produced by local public television broadcasters WNVC in Falls Church, Virginia in 1983, The Joy of Painting turned Ross, an unassuming art instructor, into an international celebrity and pop culture icon. The series ran for a whopping 403 episodes over 31 seasons (though Ross could film an entire 13-episode season in just over two days, freeing himself up to spend the rest of the year teaching).

One year after retiring from The Joy of Painting, Ross passed away at the age of 52, following a battle with lymphoma.

[h/t Open Culture]