Someone Built a Perfect Tesla Model S Replica Using LEGO Bricks


If a popularity contest were held right now, every car company would lose to Tesla. Pre-orders for the Model 3 hit 325,000 units in a single week (the biggest one-week launch of any product ever, according to the company), and that number is expected to keep climbing. Everybody wants a Tesla. But for those who still can't afford one, there may be hope in the form of a LEGO miniature of the Model S, created by a builder named Craig Froehle. At 1:16 scale and 12 inches long, you won't be able to cruise down the strip, but it would look nice on display, and it does have some of the same features as the real deal.

Froehle recently posted his creation on the LEGO Ideas website to get support from the online community and hopefully convince LEGO to take the model into production. Working with roughly 700 pieces, he made the car with a hood that opens to reveal a front trunk, reclining seats, a panoramic sunroof, working doors and rear hatch, and cup holders. Froehle writes on his LEGO Ideas page that if the project gets 1000 votes, he will also build a charging station for the model. He has just under a year left to get 10,000 supporters to qualify for the next step, so check out the video above and then, if you love the project, go and support it.

[h/t YouTube]