No Longer Playing Your Musical Instrument? Give It to a Kid in Need

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You may not need that old musical instrument anymore, but plenty of public school students do. That's why WQXR, a New York public radio station, is holding a giant used instrument drive this week for kids enrolled in New York City and Newark, New Jersey public schools, Brokelyn reports.

The drive ends on April 17, giving you plenty of time to dust off your clarinet from high school band and haul it to one of the initiative's drop-off locations in NYC, northern New Jersey, and Long Island. Don't live in the area? WQXR is also accepting donations via mail. (If your instrument is broken, no worries: WQXR will fix it before distributing it to the students.)

According to the Village Voice, WQXR held its first music drive in 2014, hoping to solicit 1000 instruments. The campaign was so successful that they ended up receiving 3000. This year, organizers hope to double that amount and collect 6000 instruments.

Feeling like paying it forward? Make sure to fill out the online donation form, print it out, and attach it to your instrument before you drop it off. And if you feel like donating it in person, WQXR is hosting a series of donation drive events around the city, where you'll get to mingle with radio personalities.

For more information, email or visit the drive's website.

[h/t Brokelyn]