At This Farm in Switzerland, Visitors Can Saddle Up on Cows

Bolderhof on Facebook
Bolderhof on Facebook / Bolderhof on Facebook

When in the Swiss Alps, do as the Swiss do and ride a dairy cow. According to Smithsonian, at Bolderhof Farm, owner Heinz Morgenegg was curious what would happen if he tried to climb on the back of one of his heifers. Apparently the cow didn't mind, and now Morgenegg welcomes guests from around the world who want to go on cow trekking excursions that can last anywhere from 90 minutes to half a day.

Guests are introduced to the herd during a brief meet-and-greet so that they can get to know their temporary modes of transportation before saddling up. Stephanie Rickenbacher told Smithsonian that on the treks, the cows choose how fast they go, with speeds varying between "slow and very slow." Riders wear helmets for safety, but Rickenbacher noted that unlike horses, cows aren't jittery and rarely react to things that happen around them, so there is very little risk of falling off of a bucking cow. On the other hand, rides have been delayed by cows that would rather graze than keep to the path.

If cattle aren't how you like to ride, you can also saw wood, scope out the farm's herd of water buffalo, make cheese, or flex your farmhand skills in a competition. And at the end of the day, the farm has straw beds where you can take a load off until the cows come home.

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Images via Bolderhof Farm on Facebook.