A Festival of Art Created by Computer Programs

AND Festival on Facebook // Angus Mill
AND Festival on Facebook // Angus Mill / AND Festival on Facebook // Angus Mill

Last weekend at the Somerset House in London, art converged with tech. Bot creators came together for The Art of Bots, a festival of workshops, presentations, and art showcases, all created by computer programs. The event was focused on technology, but the real stars were coders who found ways to make the programs write poetry, transform brand logos into glitch art, and even give art instruction, according to Dazed Digital.

Among the bots featured in the exhibition was the Magic Realism Bot. Created by Chris and Ali Rodley, the digital invention is already well-known on Twitter with over 24,000 followers. Every two hours, the bot strings together words and punctuation to form "magical stories." The display at the exhibit shows how the sentences form and change as the bot chooses between the provided words.

Take a look at Magic Realism Bot in action below, along with a few other bot-generated works from the festival by coders like Allison Parish, Julien Deswaef, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, and Jeff Thompson. You can also check out the #artofbots hashtag on social media to find more images and videos from the event online.

[h/t Dazed Digital]