7 of the World’s Most Picturesque Places to Poop


Barafu Camp, Tanzania. Image Credit: © Jørn Eriksson / 500px

As any seasoned traveler knows, while everybody poops, not everybody does it in the same way. Confronted with foreign toilets, you may be baffled as to what those extra buttons mean, or by the fact that it looks like a shower stall with foot grips. But in some cases, vacationing means a toilet with an incredible view.

The expert jet setters at Lonely Planet have combed the world for the most picturesque lavatories on the planet. The resulting book, Toilets: A Spotter’s Guide, is a collection of more than 100 glorious lavatories from Alaska to India to Antarctica. We can’t guarantee they smell nice, but they certainly make up for it in ambiance. 

Perhaps the book’s synopsis puts it best: “In these pages you’ll find porcelain pews with fantastic views, audacious attention­-seeking urban outhouses, and eco­thrones made from sticks and stones in all sorts of wild settings, from precipitous mountain peaks to dusty deserts.”

See six more of these breathtaking commodes below:

Thiksey Monastry, Ladakh, India. Image Credit: © Bernhard S. / 500px

Red Woods Toilets, Rotorua, New Zealand. Image Credit: © Fran(E)K S / 500px

Monument Valley, Utah, USA. Image Credit: © Jure Kravanja / 500px

Log outhouse, Chena Hot Springs Resort, Alaska, USA. Image Credit: Sunny Awazuhara- Reed / Design Pics / Getty Images ©

Eco-toilet, British Columbia, Canada. Image Credit: © Susan Breau / 500px

The toilet on Silk Caye, near Placencia, Belize. Image Credit: © Tomas Mahring / 500px

These would make a great "wish you were here" postcard set. The book is $12 here.

[h/t Co.Exist]