A London Restaurant Will Soon Offer a 3-Course Pop-Up Brunch for Dogs

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For the discerning pooch, a Kibbles n’ Bits breakfast doesn't always cut it. That’s why London restaurant Bluebird teamed up with local dog boutique Pet Pavilion to launch a fancy three-course brunch specifically designed for man’s best friend, Metro.co.uk reports. Canines and their owners can swing by the “Bites and Bones Pop-Up” later this month and be treated to what the restaurant calls a “real doggy dining experience” on the Chelsea eatery’s courtyard.

The Fido-friendly menu [PDF] lists a starter of venison sausage and “beefy brown rice,” and a main course of chicken and lamb “Barkenberg loaf.” For dessert, your dog can savor a sweet potato and peanut butter macaroon with a “doggy gelato” filling. And at Bites and Bones’ VIP launch on April 27, you can skip the dog park and squeeze in some exercise at the eatery's “doggy disco.” The event will even offer a special beverage: “pooch hooch,” a beer for dogs (we assume it's not actually alcoholic). On other days, the pop-up will pamper your pooch with grooming workshops and activities for pets.

No word on whether Bluebird will serve similarly festive offerings for humans (although we’re sure your dog won’t mind if you take a few bites off his plate). In the meantime, seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure to swing by brunch early. The “Bites and Bones Pop-Up” will run from Wednesday, April 27 through Sunday, May 1.

[h/t Metro.co.uk]