Go Back to College for a Day With This Lecture Series

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Some parts of college seem to be wasted on the young. Those interesting lectures about Latin American political history and Renaissance painting sound a lot less riveting when you’re waking up at 8 a.m. after a night of partying and turning in a 10-page paper. On the other hand, after a few years of corporate drudgery, sitting in a lecture hall hearing from experts sounds like a welcome intellectual vacation.

If you have left the hallowed halls of academia, you can still continue learning from professors, though, in single-day stints. One Day University recruits highly rated professors from around the country to give lectures on topics like “the science of happiness,” “the genius of Michelangelo,” and “the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln,” according to The Washington Post.

The company was founded by Steven Schragis, who dropped his daughter off at college for her freshman year about a decade ago and wished that he was the one who was going back to school. The lectures are designed to teach and entertain learners of all ages, and the company recruits its professors based on their teaching skills, rather than their brand-name diplomas. The best part: no tests, no homework.

Much like TED, One Day University has both online videos and one-day live events in various American cities. A full day of lectures runs about $180, which, depending on the high-priced university you’re looking at, could be considered a fair bargain.

[h/t The Washington Post]