Tiny Bottles Show You Only Need a Single Drop of Dishwashing Soap


Dishwashing liquid brands often claim that their soap can do more than other brands with less. Some go so far as to claim that a single drop can clean an entire set of dishes. Pril dishwashing liquid really takes this promise seriously, and has even created miniature bottles that hold only one drop of soap—because that's all you need, right? 

As part of their new campaign for Middle Eastern markets, the company released a number of videos showing the tiny bottle. The itty-bitty packaging is about the size of a thumbnail, but still has a label and removable top. Pril worked with ad agency TBWA\RAAD in Dubai to make the bottles a reality. They say that the Single Drop Bottle is a real product that is actually being made so consumers can feel tangible evidence of the brand's effectiveness.

Mass producing the miniature bottle would obviously be very expensive and bad for the environment, but a small batch has been made as a publicity stunt. Select supermarkets will be offering the tiny containers to curious consumers. 

This isn't the first time Pril has taken its one drop claim seriously. As Adweek points out, the brand hired an independent laboratory in 2008 to test the slogan's validity after the Advertising Standards Council of India accused them of stretching the truth. 

[h/t Adweek]

Primary image courtesy of YouTube.