Watch The Evolution of Iron Man in Movies And TV


Created by Marvel Comics in 1963, Iron Man has been saving the world, both on his own and with the other Avengers, for more than half a century. The star of comic books, movies, and cartoons, Iron Man has been portrayed as a stoic superhero, a snarky playboy, and a brilliant inventor. He’s been animated by hand, rendered in CGI, played in live action by Robert Downey Jr., and even turned into an animated LEGO.

Now, in celebration of Iron Man’s latest appearance in Captain America: Civil War, Burger Fiction has created a supercut of the superhero's television and movie appearances. Focusing more on the suited-up Iron Man than the off-duty Tony Stark, the video showcases the ways in which Iron Man’s character has been portrayed over the years, with a particular emphasis on the evolution of his costume. Check it out above.

Banner Image Credit: Burger Fiction, YouTube.