The Criterion Collection and TCM Are Launching a New Streaming Service

FilmStruck/Facebook / FilmStruck/Facebook

Movie buffs have something to be excited about: Turner Movie Classics and The Criterion Collection are partnering up for a joint venture called FilmStruck, a new online subscription-based streaming service that will screen a wide array of foreign, rare, classic, and independent films, along with exclusive bonus materials, that will rotate in and out over time.

The video service will be commercial-free with hundreds of critically acclaimed and award-winning movies from independent and major Hollywood studios, such as Seven Samurai, A Hard Day’s Night, A Room with a View, Blood Simple, My Life as a Dog, Mad Max, Breaker Morant, and The Player.

Currently, The Criterion Collection offers its extensive library of movies and short films on Hulu, all presented without bonus materials. FilmStruck will offer exclusive interviews and documentaries when it launches this fall, once Criterion’s partnership with Hulu ends.

“Criterion is teaming up with TCM to launch an arthouse film lover's dream streaming service,” Peter Becker, president of The Criterion Collection, said in a press release. “Working with TCM’s programming team, we’ll present a broad, constantly changing cross-section of Criterion titles on FilmStruck, a platform designed from the start to present films with the kind of robust supplemental features that Criterion is known for.”

FilmStruck’s monthly subscription price has yet to be announced, but the new streaming service has an email list on its website for updates about its launch.