Massive Ferris Wheel With Glass-Bottom Cars Set to Open in Japan

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Didn’t get vertigo when you heard about China’s terrifying 600-foot-high glass-bottom suspension bridge? Not scared by the U.S. Bank Tower’s plan to build a 1000-foot see-through “skyslide” in Los Angeles? Congratulations: You’re officially brave enough to ride Japan’s new 403-foot glass-bottom Ferris wheel, the Redhorse Osaka Wheel. The towering attraction is slated to open this July in Osaka, Travel + Leisure reports.

The Redhorse Osaka Wheel will be tallest Ferris wheel in Japan, and the fifth-tallest one in the world. Adding to the experience, the wheel will boast 72 glass-bottomed passenger pods. Riders will be treated to dizzying views of the city’s Expo 70 Commemorative Park, a lush expanse of gardens, museums, and shopping centers that once hosted the Expo ’70s world’s fair in 1970. One full rotation will take about 18 minutes to complete.

Ticket prices haven’t been announced, but if you’re looking to make your ride on the wheel extra special, you can book two luxury VIP cabins for the ultimate fancy flying experience.

Japan isn’t the only country with sky-high dreams. According to the Phuket Gazette, Thailand plans to construct the world’s tallest ferris wheel, a structure that will surpass the current record holder, the 550-foot High Roller in Las Vegas.

[h/t Travel + Leisure]