Infographic: How Ancient Egypt Shaped the Modern World

Fairmont / Fairmont

Ancient Egyptians were amazing innovators. While the pyramids still stand as a reminder of their architectural sophistication, the people of ancient Egypt were also responsible for a vast and surprising array of inventions still in use to this day. From innovations in writing and math to the earliest uses of makeup and perfume, the civilization had a huge impact on the way people today communicate, travel, eat, dress, and more.

In the infographic below, Fairmont explores a few of the many ways in which ancient Egyptians shaped the modern world. While some contributions may feel familiar, others are genuinely surprising: It turns out the society was responsible for early versions of everything from air conditioning to home security. “There is no doubt that Ancient Egyptian inventions have had an immeasurable impact on the modern world,” the infographic explains. “Some 4500 years later, Ancient Egypt’s amazing contributions towards language, numeracy and industry are gifts that keep on giving.”