Watch This Trippy 1977 Apple II TV Ad

YouTube // myoldmac
YouTube // myoldmac / YouTube // myoldmac

In 1977, Oklahoma computer seller High Technology, Inc. made what's likely the first TV advertisement for the Apple II computer. This being the late 1970s, the ad was utterly bizarre. Featuring an announcer with a faux computer voice, constant near-subliminal cuts to pictures of ripe apples, bleep-bloop "music," and promises that "The family can invent their own Pong games!" this is a truly amazing time capsule. For a 30-second spot, there's a lot going on here. Keep an eye out for the spreadsheet-balancing section, featuring entries like "Bell Tel," "Safeway," and "Sears."

Have a look, and let's be clear: This ad was not produced by Apple. This is a computer store trying to sell an Apple computer in a local market. That's what makes it awesome!