This App Lets Parents Read Their Children Bedtime Stories in Virtual Reality


Whether they travel a lot or just pull the occasional late shift at the office, it’s difficult for parents to make sure they’re at home to tuck in their kids every night. That can be tough on both parents and children who've grown accustomed to the comforting ritual of the goodnight hug or bedtime story. But now, Samsung is developing a new app that lets parents and children reunite for bedtime stories in virtual reality.

The Verge reports that Bedtime VR Stories by Samsung will let parents and children go on a virtual journey together. The app combines elements of the traditional bedtime story—words appear on screen, and parents can read them aloud—with games and animation. The child doesn’t just passively listen to their parent read a story. Instead, they travel with them through an animated world of animals, dinosaurs, and robots, and are asked to interact with their environment in different ways (for instance, by counting the animals on screen).

At the moment, the app is still a work in progress. The Verge notes that it is currently being tested with a handful of select families in the UK, and Samsung has not yet announced an official release date. In the meantime, check out the video above to get a sense of what the Bedtime VR Stories app will look like.

[h/t The Verge]

Banner Image Credit: Samsung Mobile, UK, YouTube