Behold: A 120-Sided Die


If you feel like the open-ended world of Dungeons & Dragoncould use even more possibilities, consider this behemoth: the 120-sided die. As Nerdist reports, the Dice Lab's d120 fits as many sides onto a fair die as is allowed by the laws of mathematics.

Henry Segerman and Robert Fathauer of The Dice Lab teamed up with Robert Bosch, a mathematician who teaches at Oberlin College, to calculate just how many sides they could fit onto a practical die. They came up with the d120, a die that crams 120 triangles of equal size onto a two-inch shape (technical name: disdyakis triacontahedron).

Thanks to some intense computing, the die is numerically balanced, meaning higher and lower numbers are spread evenly around the die's faces, and numbers on opposite sides always add up to 121. According to The Dice Lab, "The d120 can be used as a dn, where n is any proper factor of 120, including all of the dice in a standard seven-dice polyset." If you're having some trouble wrapping your head around that, The Dice Lab offers multiple tables that explain how to use the d120 in place of other, less-intense dice.

The d120 comes in five different colors which can be ordered individually for $12 or as a complete set for $50. As for what to do with it once it arrives, the designers admit your guess is as good as theirs.

[h/t Nerdist]

Header/banner images courtesy of The Dice Lab on YouTube.