This Stunning 'Glass Gem Corn' Is Bred and Grown From Heritage Seeds


This variety of corn is unlike anything you'll find in your local supermarket. As

My Modern Met

reports, an Oklahoma farmer created rainbow-colored Glass Gem Corn by using some of the crop's oldest strains. Carl Barnes started using older varieties of native corn as a way to get in touch with his Cherokee ancestry. He rediscovered and isolated nearly forgotten heirloom strains of seeds and began farming and selectively breeding them to bear the most brilliant colors. The result is Glass Gem Corn, a variety whose kernels glisten like polished, technicolor gemstones. In the spirit of keeping this part of his heritage alive, Barnes shared the exciting new strain of seeds with native tribe leaders and farmers he'd met around the country. Barnes

passed away

just a few weeks ago at the age of 87 in his home state, and the farmers he influenced continue to build upon his legacy. Barnes's friend and former student Greg Schoen experimented with breeding the strain with yellow corn after the special seeds had been passed onto him. He in turn introduced the seeds to Bill McDorman, the executive director of the nonprofit Native Seeds/SEARCH. The Glass Gem Corn seeds are now available for anyone to purchase from the organization's


. A single packet costs $4.95, and all profits go toward helping conserve our nation's native crops.