This Smart Mirror Will Track Your Fitness Progress


Anyone trying to build muscle, lose weight, or otherwise alter their physique through exercise knows that it can be hard to keep track of daily progress. After all, it doesn't happen all at once (unfortunately), but rather in the form of gradual, nearly imperceptible, physical changes day by day. From appearance alone, it can be difficult to tell whether we’re achieving our fitness goals, but a company called Naked wants to change that. They’ve created a smart mirror that not only reflects your image, but also reveals your fitness progress.

Springwise explains that the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker combines a mirror with infrared sensors, a set of scales, and an app for iPhone and Android. While the engineers at Naked aren’t the first to try developing a mirror that provides biofeedback (researchers at SEMEOTICONS are working on a smart mirror that checks for cardiometabolic disease and monitors other health signs), they are among the first to release their product commercially.

The futuristic smart mirror promises to create an accurate 3D body scan and provide users with information on weight, body fat, and muscle gain. The mirror keeps track of user progress, making it easy to pinpoint physical changes as they occur. While the smart mirror might not be practical for casual fitness enthusiasts—the device regularly retails for $999—it’s a fascinating fitness tool, and a creative, high-tech upgrade to the humble mirror.

[h/t Springwise]

Banner Image Credit: Naked Labs, YouTube