Ohio's New, Record-Breaking Roller Coaster Opens This Weekend


Conquered every ride at your local amusement park? This weekend, you can put your nerves of steel (and your stomach) to the test at the Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. On Saturday, May 7, the park will officially open the Valravn—the world’s longest, tallest, and fastest dive coaster, Cleveland.com reports.

Named after a supernatural raven from Danish folklore, the Valravn carries thrill-seekers 223 feet into the air. They’re suspended at the top for four seconds before hurtling down a 90-degree angle at 75 miles per hour, the Sandusky Register writes. The entire ride stretches for 3415 terrifying feet.

The Valravn is mostly known for its length, height, and speed. However, the dive coaster holds several other records, including more inversions than any other dive coaster in the world, Fox 8 Cleveland reports.

For the uninitiated, a dive coaster is a roller coaster that has at least one 90-degree “dive”—giving its riders the sensation of free-fall—and extra-wide passenger cars. The Valravn is the third dive coaster to open in the United States, and is modeled after similar rides at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

Cedar Point will hold the Valravn’s grand opening this weekend from May 7-8. It will be open daily starting May 13. For more information, visit the park’s website, or take a virtual ride on the Valravn via the video above. 

[h/t Cleveland.com]

Banner image courtesy of Cedar Point