Watch Storm Chasers Get Dangerously Close to a Tornado in Colorado


While most people (rightly) try to get as far away from extreme weather conditions as possible, others are running in the opposite direction, toward the eye of the storm. Mashable recently shared video from the Accuweather YouTube channel that shows a tornado touching down in Wray, Colorado over the weekend, submitted by meteorologist and storm chaser Reed Timmer.

The footage shows a funnel form in the sky and descend to the ground not far from where the crew is on the road. The team continues to drive closer until, at different times, the path is blocked by debris, or they manage to get about as close as seems physically possible without getting swept up in it. Accuweather reports that the tornado left at least five people injured and carved a path of destruction a half-mile wide and 6 miles long.

Both the audio and visual components of the video are ;awe-inspiring ... and totally terrifying. As many areas in the United States are currently in the thick of tornado season, it goes without saying that storm chasing should be left to the professionals. For the rest of us, here are a few safety tips to keep you prepared and, if needed, help you weather a storm.

[h/t Mashable]

Banner image: YouTube