Where a Starbucks Latte Will Cost You the Most

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You can find a Starbucks somewhere on almost every continent on Earth (Antarctica has yet to get one, sorry) but the menu will look a little different depending on which country you’re in. More specifically, your go-to order might cost a lot more than usual. Thrillist did some digging to figure out how much Starbucks’ prices differ in various cities around the world, putting together an infographic on what a grande latte will run you in 30 different places. 

According to their research, based on exchange rates from February 2016, a latte can cost anywhere from almost $7 to less than $1.50. Arguably, there are probably much more delicious and much less pricey coffee options at local cafes in any of these cities, but we won't judge the reasons why you're craving sub-par corporate American coffee.

If you must go to Starbucks while traveling internationally, you’re better off doing it in these cities, the absolute cheapest on the list:

  1. Rio de Janeiro: $1.49
  2. Lima: $2.89
  3. Cairo or Manila: $2.94

Whereas you’ll definitely want to avoid the ‘buck in these, the top three most expensive of the 30 surveyed:

  1. Zurich: $6.96
  2. Cancún: $6.07
  3. Gardermoen, Norway (home of the Oslo airport): $5.95

Switzerland and Norway are both very expensive countries in general—both regularly top lists of the places with the highest cost of living in the world—but if you're wandering into a Starbucks in Cancún, you're definitely going to be ripped off.

See the whole list of 30 cities at Thrillist. You may be surprised by what it costs to get yourself a latte in Miami.