Could Spin Classes on Buses Be the Fitness Trend of the Future?

Rebel1UK / Rebel1UK

Want to squeeze a workout in before work but running short on time? A fitness company in London called 1Rebel has unveiled plans that combine the convenience of public transit with the benefits of morning cardio: buses retrofitted with spin bikes and other workout equipment for commuters who want to break a sweat en route. "It is an absolute no brainer for us that we can create more efficiency in people’s routines by transforming their commute," cofounder James Balfour told Evening Standard.

Mashable reports that 1Rebel, which has been speaking with a number of bus companies, does not yet have the green light from the government, but the company is already allowing people to register online to be among the first to test the mobile spinning studio out. (No mention yet of what, if any, safety measures 1Rebel plans on taking—seatbelts, helmets?) If approved, the buses could roll out as soon as this summer, departing from four locations across the city. At the center of the routes is the 1Rebel studio, where showers will be available to sweaty riders.

The experience will cost between £12 and £15 ($17 and $22) for a 45 minute session, though 1Rebel is offering a 10 percent discount for those who register early. Alternatively, you could just ride your bike to work.

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Images via 1RebelUK on Facebook