EasyJet’s New Trainers Will Ensure You Never Get Lost Again

EasyJet / EasyJet

By Kirsten Howard

Soon, the days of wandering around in a strange place with no idea where you are, where you’re going, or if you’re even close to your intended destination will be nothing but a grim memory—at least if EasyJet gets its way. Not content with whisking you away to your travel destination on the cheap, the budget airline and concept powerhouse has designs on keeping you on the straight and narrow while you’re there.

The company has unveiled Sneakairs, a pair of bright orange trainers with a built-in GPS that, along with a Bluetooth connection, chat with the EasyJet app on your phone and use sensors to vibrate each shoe in the direction you need to turn, after you’ve finished selecting a destination on Google Maps. The trainers will also warn you if you’ve staggered off course.


The future is not quite now, however. An EasyJet press release states that the company is still working on “making this technology available for purchase on-board in the future,” which also makes it sound like the product will be rolled out in-flight—probably the best time to catch consumers on their way to unfamiliar territory.

Whichever way you slice it, for those of us who are terrible with directions, wearable tech is the gift that keeps on giving.