More Than 150 Beagles Saved From Animal Testing Are Going Up for Adoption

istock / istock

For years, research labs around the world have been using beagles for medical testing and experiments. The dog breed is a popular choice for researchers because of the pups' friendly demeanor, but activists argue that animal testing is inhumane and unnecessary. Increasingly, governments have begun to agree.

The Huffington Post reports that a laboratory in Bengaluru, India, is in the process of releasing 156 beagles after the government refused them permission to perform tests on the animals. The dogs, who live in small cages with little access to sunlight, will be freed in four phases over the next two months, according to Mashable. They will stay at the Hotel For Dogs, a local dog boarding center, until they are adopted. A non-profit called Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) is overseeing the dogs’ rehabilitation and adoption, ensuring that they find forever homes.

Earlier this year, the same laboratory released 64 beagles, all of whom found homes through CUPA. “These dogs weren’t even puppies; they were roughly between 7-10 years of age (beagles on an average live up to 14 years),” CUPA volunteer Chinthana Gopinath told The Huffington Post. “At least 10 percent of the families who stepped up were first-time adopters, which was surprising and heartening.”

In the video below, BlackPepper Studio catches up with a few of the families who adopted the previous group of beagles. All of them seem to have become extremely attached to their new canine companions, and despite their years in isolation, the dogs seem to be adapting well.

Anyone interested in applying to adopt one of the recently released beagles can fill out an adoption form, though all potential adopters must be able to travel to Bengaluru to meet their new pup before taking them home.

[h/t Huffington Post]