A New Smart Toothbrush Puts a Camera Inside Your Mouth


If you’re looking to take your tooth brushing technique to the next level, there’s now a smart toothbrush to help you do just that. Created by the dental technology company Onvi, the Prophix toothbrush doesn’t just clean your teeth—it records a video inside your mouth as you brush, allowing you to check up on your oral hygiene and identify areas that need attention.

Venture Beat reports that the Prophix toothbrush is equipped with tiny cameras which transmit video to your smartphone in real-time as you brush your teeth. The smart brush—currently available to preorder—also allows users to take photos of specific mouth regions in order to track progress, and comes with many of the usual bells and whistles associated with more upscale toothbrushes, including a rotating toothbrush attachment, rubber tip to massage gums, and a small mirror to see hard to reach places. It connects to an iOS app using Bluetooth or WiFi.

While the idea of seeing the inside of your mouth that close up may be unsettling to some, company founder and dentist Craig Kohler says it could help people gain a better understanding of their own oral health.

“As I used intraoral cameras and monitors to treat my patients, I saw how it helped them to better understand the status of their oral health, and in turn, adopt better cleaning habits,” Kohler explained in a statement. “With today’s advancements in technology, it is finally possible to bring this never-before-seen dental solution into the home with Prophix.”

[h/t Venture Beat]