New Google App Lets You Conduct Science Experiments With Your Phone

Google / Google

Google’s latest free app for aspiring scientists transforms your smartphone into a laboratory and the world around you into a science experiment. The Verge reports that Science Journal, which is available for Android devices, allows users of all ages to record and track data by way of their phone’s light, motion, and sound sensors. The app organizes and visualizes experiment results using easy-to-understand graphs and charts, and allows users to record their own notes.

Ever wonder which member of your family talks the loudest? Or how much light different lamps in your house provide? With a little creativity, Science Journal allows users to design a limitless number of experiments. Google has also partnered with San Francisco’s Exploratorium, an art and science museum known for its interactive exhibits, to offer themed activities and supplemental science kits, including additional sensors, micro controllers, and other craft supplies.

With Science Journal, both Google and Exploratorium hope to make science more accessible and fun for kids and adults. Google has even opened a forum on the Science Journal website to facilitate conversations about the app, and allow users to share experiment ideas with each other.

“Though we love seeing visitors on our museum floor exploring everything from sound to speed to color, what we love even more is inspiring a world of curious learners,” Exploratorium writes. “We’re excited about making hands-on exploration accessible to people in a place where they already are—their mobile devices. Every time you have a mobile device in your hand is an opportunity to ask questions about the world around you.”

[h/t The Verge]