Man Receives a Bionic Arm Inspired by a Popular Video Game

Alternative Limb Project
Alternative Limb Project / Alternative Limb Project

After a train accident that resulted in the loss of his arm, 26-year-old James Young received one of the world's most unique prosthetics. The London-based biology scientist's new bionic arm prototype comes with several futuristic features, inspired by popular video game franchise Metal Gear Solid, Inhabitat reports.

When Young was 22, he fell under a train. His left leg was severed below the knee and his left arm was eventually amputated altogether, leaving him with an uncomfortable prosthetic that had a hook where the hand would normally be.

His newest limb is a significant improvement. The high-tech gadget is a collaboration between video game company Konami and the Alternative Limb Project, which specializes in making both hyper-realistic prosthetics and unique designs that double as art pieces. Konami created the gadget for Young after he answered an ad seeking an amputee to test their new bionic arm. The high-tech prototype electronically monitors the shoulder's nerve and muscle tissue to perform precise movements on command like a real arm.

Young's prosthetic isn't the first of its kind to use such technology, but it has plenty of other features that set it apart. Borrowing inspiration from the Metal Gear Solid game series, the designer equipped the arm with a built-in flashlight, laser light, USB port, and a remote-controlled drone stored in the shoulder.

Still, it's not a perfect fit yet. The arm isn't waterproof, which means Young has to take it off before hopping in the shower. He also has to remove it before bed, and even when he is awake the 10 pounds of metal attached to his arm is hard to ignore. But the prototype is more than just a prosthetic. According to The Independent, a spokeswoman for Konami described the project as "a kind of social piece" on overcoming disabilities in addition to being a functioning piece of hardware.

James Young's full story is featured in the newly released BBC documentary Bodyhack: Metal Gear Man.

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