A Massachusetts Animal Rescue Group Needs You to Adopt Its Goats

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Looking for a new (and slightly unconventional) pet? An animal rescue organization in Massachusetts is overrun with goats and seeking adoptive parents to give the animals homes, The Boston Globe reports.

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) recently received 46 goats from an unidentified farmer from Western Massachusetts. The animals were breeding at such a rapid rate that he could no longer handle the growing herd.

The MSPCA is currently housing the goats at their Nevins Farm facility in Methuen. “It’s definitely one of the largest goat surrenders we’ve ever managed,” barn manager Gia Barss said in an MSPCA press release. According to the organization, Barss has been “working nonstop” to settle the goats into their new home.

Interested in owning one of the MSPCA’s needy goats? The organization wants you to have “goat care experience and an understanding of goats’ need for socialization,” and they are also hoping to adopt many of the animals in pairs or groups. There are a few caveats: Most of the goats have tested positive for parasites and the contagious intestinal bacteria Coccidia (although the MSPCA reports they’re currently receiving treatment and responding well). Also, some of the goats are pregnant, and 10 of them are nursing babies. If you’re not into bottle-feeding (or for that matter, starting out with one goat and winding up with several additional kids), you might want to take in one of the herd’s older members.

For questions about adopting the goats, email barnstaff@mspca.org, or visit the MSPCA’s website for more information. And if you have no room in your backyard for farm animals but still want to lend the organization a hand, you can contribute money toward the goats’ medical care and housing online.

[h/t The Boston Globe]