Book a Night at the Smallest House on Airbnb

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Guests paying a visit to this Boston Airbnb better pack lightly. As the Boston Globe reports, the artist behind the cozy space describes it as "the smallest house in the world."

Sculptor Jeff Smith credits the tiny house movement as the inspiration behind his pint-sized dwelling. But while traditional tiny homes typically range from 100 to 400 square feet, Smith's creation is a mere 25 square feet total.

Despite its size, the structure boasts many of the same amenities you'd find in a regular home—with some limitations. Guests have access to running water through a sink connected to a refillable water bottle. Once they're finished using it, any leftover water is deposited into flower boxes outside. The home also features a propane-powered stovetop, a skylight, six porthole windows, and a "toilet" (or a covered hole above a drawer of kitty litter).

Visitors—who can reserve a spot now for $55 a night—will still have to make do without several of the comforts we take for granted. While the home has a space to prop your laptop, WiFi is not included. It lacks heat and air conditioning as well, so the summer and winter months may not be the best times to book your stay.

If guests are unhappy with the home's location, they're free to move it elsewhere. The house comes on wheels, and according to the Airbnb page it's small enough to fit inside "a regular-sized van."

The project originally began as an art piece, but Smith now tells the Globe he's excited to see how it can function as a living space: "I want to see how it goes with someone renting this place out, and hear back from them and see what they say."

[h/t The Boston Globe]

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