Interactive Water Bottle For Kids Turns Staying Hydrated into a Game

Bowhead Technology
Bowhead Technology / Bowhead Technology

For parents, it can be a struggle to get children to cut back on sodas and sugary drinks and drink more water instead. But a company called Bowhead Technology has created an interactive water bottle for kids, designed to make drinking water more appealing.

The Verge reports that the Gululu Interactive Bottle by Bowhead Technology uses touch sensors, Wi-Fi, and an app to record a child’s water intake, and make it easy for parents to ensure their kids are staying hydrated. The bottle allows parents to set hydration goals, and monitor progress remotely when kids are at school.

It also turns hydration into a game. Each bottle features a little digital cartoon pet who evolves and grows as kids drink more water. In order to keep their Gululu pet happy, kids must meet their water goals. But the fun doesn’t stop there: Gululu pets can interact with one another, giving the interactive bottle a social element. Kids can put their bottles together and watch their pets play, or compare hydration progress, which Bowhead claims can help kids develop both healthy habits and healthy friendships.

"Imagine a modern-day Tamagotchi meeting a water bottle, merging and creating a product designed to encourage kids to stay hydrated," Bowhead explains. "That's the Gululu Interactive Bottle in a nutshell."

Bowhead is currently raising money for the Gululu Interactive Bottle on Kickstarter. Check out their fundraising video below for more information.

[h/t The Verge]