Transparent Kitchen Design Puts All Your Food on View


There’s no hiding clutter behind cupboards in the Netherlands-based architecture firm MVRDV’s latest kitchen concept. Every part of the kitchen, from shelving to the fridge, is transparent.

Designed for an event for the Venice Biennale, one of the biggest architecture shows in the world, the Infinity Kitchen puts food on display like no other cooking space. There are transparent taps, a transparent stove, transparent cupboards, transparent utensil holders, and transparent glass dishes. 

The architecture firm has made its love of glass well-known, creating facades of glass bricks and a nearly transparent Hong Kong office building.

MVRDV co-founder Winy Maas describes an extreme endpoint for the future of this kind of glassy design: “Imagine if not only our kitchens were transparent, but the walls through to the neighbor and the next neighbor even. This would create infinite perspectives in our cities,” he writes in a description of the Infinity Kitchen. “It would make within our claustrophobic environments possibly a view, into the direction of the mountains or the sea.” 

© Martin Rijpstra

While most of us don’t actually want to live in a world where your neighbors can see in your home, he’s right that a little transparency can go a long way toward making spaces seem bigger. A glass kitchen could work wonders for a tiny apartment.

All images © MVRDV unless otherwise noted.