9 Father's Day Gifts Dads Will Actually Use

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Why is it that shopping for dads seems to be the most challenging gift-giving assignment out there? Probably because they respond to questions about what they want by grunting or shrugging, which invariably leads to purchases that go unused. While fathers can be hard to get a read on, we think any of these nine gift ideas are sure to please—and virtually guaranteed not to collect any dust.


Aging vehicles are prone to developing a “haze” over headlights, an accumulation of grime that can diminish a driver’s line of sight and even prove problematic during inspections. Turtle Wax offers a cleaning kit to improve visibility and restore lights to a nearly-new brightness. It’s a lot of elbow grease, but the payoff is a safer drive.

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If your dad has been curious about 3D printing, the da Vinci Jr. is an excellent way to get started without completely busting your budget. Heatless printing is safe for the home, and objects can be as large as six inches (H x W x D).

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While smartphones have made the night table alarm an endangered species, there’s still something to be said for Electrohome’s display of the time and temperature. Dads who don’t like taking their phone to bed with them or who need glasses will benefit from the large-screen display; a projection feature throws a digital readout onto a wall or ceiling.

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4. YARD DICE; $50

If your dad is old-school enough for horseshoes, he’s probably going to enjoy rolling these giant, hand-crafted dice in the yard. Each is made from solid pine; the set of six also comes with a manual detailing rules for various games. (Players must supply their own threatening debt collector.)

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Sports fans who have a more conservative approach than painting themselves in team colors might appreciate this oven mitt, which looks like a broken-in leather baseball glove but resists heat for easy pan-handling.

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6. AMAZON ECHO; $179.99

Since being introduced in 2015, Amazon’s catch-all device for information gathering has become the easiest way to make a home “smart.” The tube-shaped device sits on a table and recognizes voice commands on everything from weather reports to pizza delivery. Users can also stream music. And outside of any third-party services, there’s no monthly fee.

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7. CHILLSNER; $29.99

Dad a beer fan? He’ll never have to endure a lukewarm brew again with the Chillsner, a nine-inch steel rod with a cooling gel that keeps bottled beer ice cold. Just stick it in the freezer and then insert into any standard bottle; a turn-top makes for an airtight seal.

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8. KEYPORT SLIDE; $79.99

Dad tired of feeling like a maintenance worker or apartment manager? This key port from ThinkGeek takes a clanking jumble of keys on a chain and converts them into a single-handle slide port that deploys keys as well as a light or even a flash drive. You’ll never hear him coming again.

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Setting down a pair of glasses can quickly evolve into a frantic search for where you last left them. Let Dad wonder no more: This decorative statuette keeps them in plain sight when not in use.

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