You Should Totally Pee in the Shower

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Admit to peeing in the shower, and you may get some dirty looks—but really you should be getting a gold star for helping to save the planet. Mic makes a compelling case for relieving oneself in the shower that goes beyond morning laziness.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, flushing toilets accounts for 27 percent of America's water usage. Newer toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush, and older models can use significantly more (as much as 7 gallons). The average adult urinates six to eight times a day, which means that, worst-case scenario, you could be using 56 gallons in the span of 24 hours just by pressing a lever.

As Mic points out, relieving yourself in the shower instead of the toilet is really only helpful if you can multitask. Standing and peeing while gallons of water wash over you—and down the drain—is still wasteful; instead, let it flow while you wash your hair, cleanse your face, or brush your teeth (another water-saving technique that only 4 percent of Americans employ). Bonus: Peeing in the shower also helps you save on toilet paper.

Still grossed out by the thought? You can rest easy knowing that Glamour sanctioned the practice back in 2009. According to the mag, "Unless you have an infection, urine is sterile and nontoxic." There you have it.

[h/t Mic]