Celebrate Star Trek's 50th Anniversary by Flying in Zero Gravity With George Takei

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Want to boldly go where no Star Trek fan has gone before? Try flying in zero gravity with Hikaru Sulu himself. In honor of the iconic sci-fi franchise’s 50th anniversary, Zero Gravity Corporation, a space entertainment and tourism company, has teamed up with exploration group Roddenberry Adventures to offer paying customers the chance to ride on a specially modified Boeing 727 with actor George Takei.

“This will be an extraordinary opportunity for people to feel like they are in space while sharing that experience with someone who helped ignite our fascination for space exploration,” Terese Brewster, president and COO of ZERO-G, said in a statement.

On August 4, 20 flyers (along with Takei himself) will board the Boeing 727 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The plane is equipped for a flight pattern of parabolic arcs that simulate the effects of floating in space. Once they’re in the sky, passengers will experience Martian and Lunar gravities before going fully weightless. The phenomenon will allow them to do somersaults mid-air, soar around the aircraft cabin, and generally pretend like they’re hanging out with Sulu on the USS Enterprise.

Not surprisingly, the sky-high experience costs big bucks. Tickets cost $6500 apiece, plus a five percent tax. The fee covers a ZERO-G flight suit, a certificate of weightless completion, and photos and video of the experience to share with jealous friends. Participants will also get to meet Takei before takeoff.

Want to live out your wildest Trekkie fantasies? To secure a spot on the mission, visit Zero Gravity’s website. Act fast—tickets are on sale now, and there there are only 20 available seats.