Watch an Adorable Chatterbox Monkey Try to Rip a Hidden Camera Off a Tree


Humans aren't the only species that have a love-hate relationship with the camera. In this recently released video from the Wildlife Conservation Society, a chatterbox of an endangered black-crested macaque makes friends with a hidden camera, investigates the video equipment, and eventually tries (and fails) to rip it off the tree. The camera trap in Sulawesi, Indonesia was set up earlier this year.

Teeth chattering has been spotted in various primate species, and while scientists aren’t sure exactly what it means, it’s probably a form of social communication. The WCS suggests that in this case, the monkey’s chatter is probably a result of his curiosity about the camera. It's not the first time a macaque has made headlines for interacting with technology; a few years ago a selfie-taking female named Naruto spawned a legal debate over whether animals can hold the copyright for their photos. (A judge ruled no.) 

All images from YouTube.