There’s a McDonald’s in Australia That Sells Nothing But Fries

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It would be easy to make a McDonald's meal out of nothing but their tasty French fries, and now you can—at least if you're down under. A McDonald’s pop-up restaurant in Sydney, Australia called Fries With That only sells wild variations of the fast food treat.

The restaurant features eye-popping neon signs, wooden booth-style seating, hanging open light bulbs to set the mood, and trendy white tiles lining the walls. Customers who visit the restaurant are welcomed with a clipboard that introduces the fast food giant's Loaded Fries Menu, which features seven topping options: Chipotle Cheese Sauce; Gravy; Peri Peri Cheese Sauce; Sweet Chili and Sour Cream; Pesto Mayo and Parmesan; Curry; and Caesar Sauce, Bacon, and Parmesan—one or more of which, depending on popularity, could make its way onto the regular menu at McDonald's Australia in the future.

"Since we first opened our doors customers have loved our Macca's fries—they're one of our icons and we think they deserve to be celebrated,” Jo Feeney, McDonald's Australia’s director of marketing, told PopSugar Australia. “What better way to do that than to create a dedicated concept store, which allows Australians to help us decide what's next for our French fries? I can't wait to see the flavor experiments customers try when they come to Fries With That."

Fries With That is open now through June 5 in Sydney, Australia.

[h/t Eater]