Hangover Maids Clean Up After Parties (And Bring Fast Food)

Morning-After Maids on Facebook
Morning-After Maids on Facebook / Morning-After Maids on Facebook

The morning after you entertain guests at home can be messy, but one small company promises to take care of the cleanup so you don't have to. Based in New Zealand, the Morning-After Maids live up to their name by showing up to post-party residences to return them to their pre-party state—while also nursing you back to health.

According to Mashable, roommates Rebecca Foley and Catherine Ashurst came up with the idea after struggling to clean their own home. For $20 an hour, customers can hire two maids (ideal for small house party of less than 10 people) or shell out up to $80 for larger parties.

The company's employees will also take care of you, including offering cooking services as well as fast food delivery options—all for an additional cost.

With just over a month logged cleaning apartments, Foley and Ashurst say that they have not had to clean up vomit yet, but they have had to clean up after six guys and their 120-person party. The "horrendous" clean-up job included mud and cigarettes butts, and in the end earned the employees $230.

"It turns out to be quite a social event," Ashurst said, explaining that they also make friendly conversation with the people who hire them so that the experience is more fun and personal. "Everyone chimes in and there is good banter going, people play music and everyone starts drinking again."

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Images via Morning-After Maids on Facebook.