New Art Exhibit Immerses Visitors in the Life of Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh, Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain
Vincent van Gogh, Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain / Vincent van Gogh, Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

"Meet Vincent van Gogh," a new art exhibit opening today in Beijing, doesn’t just introduce visitors to the works of the great Dutch painter—it immerses them in his world. Designed to educate museum guests about the tumultuous life and vibrant art of van Gogh, the exhibit is an interactive, multi-sensory experience.

Blouin Artinfo reports that the exhibition was created by Wai Chun Culture Investment and a group of experts at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam—including van Gogh's great-grandnephew Willem. The exhibit features projections of the artist's famed works (many of his original paintings are too fragile to travel, Blouin Artinfo notes), elaborate scenery, films, and audio recordings of letters written by van Gogh and important people in his life. Re-creations of the Yellow House, the Bedroom, and the Parisian cafe Le Tambourin allow visitors to wander through van Gogh’s life, imagining themselves in the spaces he inhabited.

Axel Rüger, director of the Van Gogh Museum, tells Blouin Artinfo that the exhibit’s goal is not only to educate people about van Gogh’s art, but to reveal new perspectives on his life.

“In stark contrast to the myth of the impulsive genius, van Gogh was a very disciplined artist who worked hard at improving his technical skills, consciously experimenting with a wide range of materials,” Rüger says. “He drew inspiration from fellow artists, and avidly explored ideas that were new for his time.”

After its run in Beijing, which ends September 16, the collection will tour several other locations throughout China, including Shanghai, Sanya, and Macau.

Check out some of the exhibit's most breathtaking features in the short trailer below.

[h/t Blouin Artinfo]